Sunday, September 19, 2010

1872 John Denham House

I came to Monticello to check out the famous historic 1872 John Denham house named "second most haunted place to sleep with a ghost by USA Today." I choose to come on Saturday Sept. 19, and the house was booked solid due to the big FSU football game. I did however squeeze some time in the afternoon to visit the inn and talk to Pat Inmon the owner.

When I arrived I took a series of photos of the house, when I climbed the stairs to the cupola the batteries to my camera were drained to low. This is common to electronic devices brought in by guests. John Denham himself is said to watch the town from the cupola in the afterlife. This story is told on ghost tours by Betty Davis founder of the paranormal investigation group, Big Bend Ghost Trackers.

I had the chance to meet with Betty and take her historic ghost tour of Monticello. She informed me of the most haunted room in the Denham house to be the "Blue Room." Aunt Sarah never married, and lived and died in the room. Her spirit shows up in orbs through out the house.

While I didn't get a chance to sleep with a ghost in the Denham house, I stayed in another one of Pat's haunted houses the J.M. Henry/Malloy house nearby.

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  1. omfg are you serious omg it's haunted i would have been scared out of my drawls