Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Williams House B&B

Williams House

My husband Stan had the chance to stay with me at the Williams House on July 25.

He's usually along for the "ride," but this time he experienced a restless night and ghost reports for himself. It could have been the full moon, or the visit to the cemetery that I dragged him to at 11pm that kept him up all night. But I think it was the jovial spirit of a little girl that liked to play pranks on guests and owners of the Williams House that kept him up.

We had the chance to stay in the most haunted room, the Egmont Indigo Suite. Reports of a child have been seen in the room's mirror. While several people have heard giggling and seen apparitions of a little girl on the top of the stairway. I experienced the little girl named Sally for myself. Sally Williams lived in the house in the 1800's and died at a young age.

During the middle of the night, I woke up to my feet being tickled. With Stan's restless night, he told me the next day how he kept waking up to the sound of a child whispering and laughing. He had no prior knowledge of the ghost reports of the inn. We got a kick out of imagining a little spirit girl (just like our son Isaac) tickling and laughing at us while we were sleeping.

The Williams House was quite a luxurious house for it's time. Built in 1856, it has unique woodwork, gingerbread design, and stain glass windows throughout the house. It was used in the civil war as an infirmary and a safe haven for the slaves of the underground railroad.

For more information about the Williams House B&B:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Island Hotel and Restaurant

Cedar Key was my last stop on my five day trip. It was a historic, artsy fishing village with beautiful waterways and marsh land. It is still untouched , and the seafood was amazing.

I had the chance to stay at the Island Hotel and Restaurant. Built in 1859, as a general store, the building withstood the civil war and many hurricanes. The Island Hotel and Restaurant was definitely the "hot spot" in town. During the 1940's Bessie Gibbs owned the hotel and attracted many local characters and celebrities. Tennessee Ford,Vaughan Monroe, and Jimmie Buffet all stayed here. Jimmie even played in the Neptune Lounge.

Many of the deceased owners still haunt the hotel. I stayed in Bessie's old room by myself. Upon checking in, I reached to unlock the door to my room and it opened all by itself. I took it as a "welcoming gesture," since all the previous paranormal reports were of guests getting locked out of that room.

While walking around town I got a chance to talk to several locals. From the ladies working in the bank, to the local coffee and restaurant workers, everyone had a story to tell of the ghosts at the Island Hotel.

It has definitely made it's mark in the history of Cedar Key. The spirits, just like the guests and locals, just loved staying there. For more information on the Island Hotel:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grady House

The Grady House is a wonderful example of Haunted Hospitality. Lucie's warm personality makes sure everyone is comfortable and taken care of. And boy can she whip up a delicious breakfast. One of the best I have had so far.

I stayed in the Peach room, which was beautifully decorated and equipped with a separate sitting room and desk. Just about all of the rooms in the Grady House have had some sort of paranormal activity, says Lucie. In the peach room, guests have reported being tucked into bed at night and their belongings tidied up. I drifted in and out of sleep in my comfy bed last night. I wasn't aware of being tucked into bed though.

I would highly recommend staying at the Grady House next time you are in Highsprings. Highsprings is a small artsy antique town nestled in a beautiful countryside. I even got my vintage jewelry into the Mad Hatter's Gallery and Cafe!

There are numerious springs located 5-10 miles of the town. For more information on the Grady House:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Magnolia Plantation

I stayed at the Magnolia Plantation in Gainesville Monday July 12th.

The house originally built in 1885 by Dudley and Melinza Williams, was later known as the Baird Mansion after Emmett Baird who owned and lived in the house for 70 years. There is a pirate treasure legend associated with Baird and the house. During the 60-90's the house became a haven for hippies, squatters, and college students. It went through vandalism and disrepair until Cindy and Joe Montalto bought it in the 90's and completely restored it in 120 days.

As soon as the rennovations started, strange things began to occur. Various people reported seeing apparitions on the third floor and stairway, and a ghost cat.

I got the chance to stay in Heather's room, and had the entire house to myself for the night. I experienced the ghost cat for myself. I was awoken in the middle of the night by purring on the top of my head. Other strange things happened with lights, and the television turning on by itself.

I was grateful to experience the lovely house for myself. It took a lot of love and dedication from the Montalto's to save and restore the Magnolia Plantation B&B to what it is today.

For more information on the Magnolia Plantation:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Herlong Mansion

My first stop on my 5 day book tour was the Herlong Mansion, in Micanopy, Florida.
Originally a 1845 pine farm home, and transformed to it's grandeur by Natalie and Zeddy Herlong in 1910. The Herlong's had 6 children who lived there. Eventually the house went to Inez Herlong who had an 18 year fight with her siblings over ownership.

When I arrived in Micanopy, the rain had started to drizzle and the electric storm put on quite the show when I checked in and found myself alone in the house. This has happened the last couple times I have arrived at the inn's. It reminded me of a scene out of a horror movie. But I just smiled enjoying myself immensly.

I stayed in the Magnolia Room, which was originally Mae and Inez Herlong's childhood room.
I got a very peaceful vibe in the room, until I tried to watch Ghost Hunter's via the internet. The room didn't have television so I tried to watch t.v. on my laptop in bed. As soon as I tried to download an episode, my wireless wi fi was cut off. It had been using wi fi all afternoon and most of the night.
So I retired to bed, and tried to log on again in the morning several times. Only to be cut off again and again. Carolyn the owner, didn't know what to think since all guests have access anytime. She only laughed and said that it was Inez test of my patience. Earlier Sunday evening my digital camera batteries suddenly were drained causing me to go on a hunt for batteries.
The highlights of the mansion were the mysterious brick room under the house that might have been used in the underground railroad and the ivy ridden water tower in the backyard that Zeddy had built in the 1900's.
The Herlong Mansion stands out as Micanopy's jewel. For more information go to: