Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Williams House B&B

Williams House

My husband Stan had the chance to stay with me at the Williams House on July 25.

He's usually along for the "ride," but this time he experienced a restless night and ghost reports for himself. It could have been the full moon, or the visit to the cemetery that I dragged him to at 11pm that kept him up all night. But I think it was the jovial spirit of a little girl that liked to play pranks on guests and owners of the Williams House that kept him up.

We had the chance to stay in the most haunted room, the Egmont Indigo Suite. Reports of a child have been seen in the room's mirror. While several people have heard giggling and seen apparitions of a little girl on the top of the stairway. I experienced the little girl named Sally for myself. Sally Williams lived in the house in the 1800's and died at a young age.

During the middle of the night, I woke up to my feet being tickled. With Stan's restless night, he told me the next day how he kept waking up to the sound of a child whispering and laughing. He had no prior knowledge of the ghost reports of the inn. We got a kick out of imagining a little spirit girl (just like our son Isaac) tickling and laughing at us while we were sleeping.

The Williams House was quite a luxurious house for it's time. Built in 1856, it has unique woodwork, gingerbread design, and stain glass windows throughout the house. It was used in the civil war as an infirmary and a safe haven for the slaves of the underground railroad.

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