Monday, November 22, 2010

Miami River Inn

Monday, November 15, 2010

My friend Roann joined me on this adventure to South Florida. She was a little reluctant at first to stay in the haunted room. But I came to discover that she was pretty sensitive to the paranormal herself.

We stayed in room 11 of the Miami River Inn, which borders Little Havana on the historic Miami Riverside district. We were pretty tired when we retired to bed at around 10:30. We couldn't get the reception of the small t.v. to work so we opted at listening to the loud noises coming from the upstairs guest room that started early in the evening. There was loud pacing footsteps back and forth, shuffling, and moving furniture. This continued until 3am. I went upstairs to investigate and found room 21 to be quiet. We never did really get a peaceful nights sleep.

The next morning at breakfast we met a couple that stayed in room 22. They slept like a log due to jet lag and didn't hear anything during the night. As far as room 21, no one was even checked into the room.

When researching the inn, the original hotel built in 1905, was called "The Rose Arms," and served prominent people as well as local guests to the area. Could it be that some guests never left the hotel, and play out their stay over and over?

Roann left saying that the inn was "a bit creepy," due to our unexplained noises in the night.