Monday, September 20, 2010

Allison House Inn

The Allison House was built in 1843 by A.K. Allison, who was a speaker of the Florida House in 1852, President of the Florida Senate, and Governor of the State of Florida in 1865. Allison died in 1893, and his daughter Sarah inherited the house.

Sarah was born in the house, grew up in her childhood room, (now the Garden Room)and got married in the house. She eventually remodeled the house and managed it as a boarding house from the 1920's until her death.

I got a chance to stay in the Garden Room. When I checked in the room was pretty cold. Eileen the owner, manually adjusted the temperature for me. Through out the afternoon, the room kept changing from hot to cold drastically. I didn't think much of it until I woke up at 2 am and was so cold I had to wear a bath robe to sleep. The next morning at breakfast the couple staying in the Governors room next door experienced the same thing. I asked Stuart about the air conditioners and he said that each room has their own manually adjustable unit.

While I can't explain this as paranormal, it was a little odd and went along with several guest reports through out the years. Stuart's daughter in law even saw an aparition of a woman in white while staying in the Garden room and experiencing a temperature change herself.

Big Bend Ghost Trackers did an investigation of the Allison House Inn in 2002 and certified it as "haunted." For more information on their investigation:

For information on the Allison House Inn:

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