Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coombs Inn

The Coombs Inn was built in 1905 by James N. Coombs a very successful business man of sawmills, export business and the First National Bank of Apalachicola. This house was the most elegant house in Apalachicola at the time and was made with beautiful black cypress wood.

The house saw tragedy on March 6, 1911 when a fire broke out in the night and engulfed the roof. All of the Coomb's dearest belongings were either soaked from water or fire damaged. The Coombs lived in the Franklin hotel and died there weeks after. At the time their cause of death was unknown. The house was left to remaining family members and left in a state of disrepair.

Bill Spohrer and Lynn Wilson saw the potential of the house and fixed it up to its original grandeur of the 1900's. They opened it as an inn in 1994, with a couple employees to run it.

I stayed in the Wilson Room, which was the first guest room on the main floor. This room used to be a parlor and I found out through a 1911 Apalachicola Times article, that Mr. Coombs wake had been held in this room. Estella the innkeeper, also saw indentations in the bed as if someone where lying on it on several occasions when there where no guests checked into that room. I experienced a restless night of sleep, waking up at 3 am and unable to go back to sleep.

The house itself was a pleasure to stay in. Many guests and employees have reported seeing Mr. Coombs over the years. But every time it just seems like he is looking over his beloved house.

If you are brave like me, you can visit the graves of Mr. and Mrs. Coombs at the cemetary across the street. Preferable at night!

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