Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Magnolia Plantation

I stayed at the Magnolia Plantation in Gainesville Monday July 12th.

The house originally built in 1885 by Dudley and Melinza Williams, was later known as the Baird Mansion after Emmett Baird who owned and lived in the house for 70 years. There is a pirate treasure legend associated with Baird and the house. During the 60-90's the house became a haven for hippies, squatters, and college students. It went through vandalism and disrepair until Cindy and Joe Montalto bought it in the 90's and completely restored it in 120 days.

As soon as the rennovations started, strange things began to occur. Various people reported seeing apparitions on the third floor and stairway, and a ghost cat.

I got the chance to stay in Heather's room, and had the entire house to myself for the night. I experienced the ghost cat for myself. I was awoken in the middle of the night by purring on the top of my head. Other strange things happened with lights, and the television turning on by itself.

I was grateful to experience the lovely house for myself. It took a lot of love and dedication from the Montalto's to save and restore the Magnolia Plantation B&B to what it is today.

For more information on the Magnolia Plantation: http://www.magnoliabnb.com/

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