Friday, July 16, 2010

Island Hotel and Restaurant

Cedar Key was my last stop on my five day trip. It was a historic, artsy fishing village with beautiful waterways and marsh land. It is still untouched , and the seafood was amazing.

I had the chance to stay at the Island Hotel and Restaurant. Built in 1859, as a general store, the building withstood the civil war and many hurricanes. The Island Hotel and Restaurant was definitely the "hot spot" in town. During the 1940's Bessie Gibbs owned the hotel and attracted many local characters and celebrities. Tennessee Ford,Vaughan Monroe, and Jimmie Buffet all stayed here. Jimmie even played in the Neptune Lounge.

Many of the deceased owners still haunt the hotel. I stayed in Bessie's old room by myself. Upon checking in, I reached to unlock the door to my room and it opened all by itself. I took it as a "welcoming gesture," since all the previous paranormal reports were of guests getting locked out of that room.

While walking around town I got a chance to talk to several locals. From the ladies working in the bank, to the local coffee and restaurant workers, everyone had a story to tell of the ghosts at the Island Hotel.

It has definitely made it's mark in the history of Cedar Key. The spirits, just like the guests and locals, just loved staying there. For more information on the Island Hotel:

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