Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stanford Inn

What an adventure I had when I stayed at the Stanford Inn, in Bartow Florida, Wednesday June 16th. Owner Tony Grainger supplied me with incredible amount of information on the Stanford Inn history, and paranormal activity. He even arranged for Apollo Paranormal Investigations and Psychic Gemini Rose to meet with me at the inn to discuss the paranormal evidence they had gathered on their 3 previous investigations of the inn. We spent several hours going over numerous EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) that were recorded of voices and laughter in the tea room at night when no one else was downstairs, to loud tapping and bangs, and whispers. The highlight was a tour of the inn's most active areas.

Psychic Gemini Rose, had great insight about the spirits that reside in the inn. She picked up on original owners Cora Wilson, and husband Thomas Lee Wilson who had built the house in 1899, and seem to live separately in the house in the here after.
I stayed in the "cabbage rose" room that used to be Cora Wilson's old room. I definately felt Cora's energy in the room.

This trip was wonderful in the fact that I received insight from so many different sources. Apollo Paranormal found scientific proof of paranormal activity, to add to all the varied personal experiences from guests alike. I would highly recommend staying in the Stanford Inn to experience the lovely historic "My Girl House" and possibly catch something unexplained for yourself.
Thanks Tony for your gracious hospitality! Information on the Stanford Inn can be found at

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