Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Beginning...Kenwood Inn

Located in old town St. Augustine, this is the inn that had such an impact on me after staying there on Halloween of 2008. It made me a true believer of life after death and my ability to communicate with spirits.

The experiences I had there opened my mind to paranormal occurances and dream visions. The intereactions with the two resident spirits Rammond and Lavendar, inspired me to write a book on haunted inns.

My favorite room #7, has had reports of Rammond tucking guests into bed and moving objects. I experienced both reports for myself. Another female spirit has an obsession with books in the room. Everytime I stayed in the room, books were hidden under the bed. When I asked owner Pat Dobosz about them, she had no idea how or why books would be under the bed. She also told me that recently a guest reported an unknown force flipping through her personal book during the middle of the night, only to be found on the opposite night stand the next morning. After staying in this room several times, I had this inner desire to start writing and researching the inn.

I found a lot of historical research on the Kenwood Inn through the St. Augustine Research Library. Constructed in 1886, one of the original owners was named Rammond LaBorde.
I also found record in the St. Augustine City Directory of a woman living in the inn from 1924-1927. This same woman belonged to the National Conservators of American Women, which was a professional writers group of the time.

My experience with Lavendar's spirit, who I think resided in the inn during the 1920's has lead me on the journey of writing spirits stories and paranormal activity in my book "Haunted Hospitality." During one stay, I envisioned Lavendar's violent and mysterious death in the inn.
Maybe some day I will find some answers on my quest for the truth.

But for now, my journey has just started...... I will take to the road again on July 11, where I will be in Micanopy, Gainsville, Highsprings, and Cedar Key, Florida.

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