Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Artisan Inn

Here is a recount of my experiences at the Artisan Inn, in DeLand going back to 2008.

I had been attending monthly meetings with the National Committee of Women in the Arts at the Artisan Inn's banquet hall since 2008. I was given the opportunity to display my artwork in June 2009 in the inn's art gallery. And that is where I had my first paranormal experience.

When I was alone in the room, I felt an extreme longing or sadness looking out the window. The gallery was rumored to be the original owner's room of Edwin and Jeanette Barnhill. Jeanette Barnhill died while owning the inn, and her husband was later declared insane. Another odd occurance happened while I was on a step stool. A painting came off the wall at me with with a force that would have had to pick the painting up off the hook instead of just falling down. Was this a sign that something didn't want my paintings on the wall?

There are also a lot of paranormal reports in the second story banquet hall. This room has been investigated by several paranormal groups. They have found high EMF (electromagnetic field)
readings. Witnesses have also reported an apparition of a woman looking out the banquet hall window.

The first floor hosts activity in the lounge, restaurant, and basement where guests and employees have seen apparitions and objects move.

With so many reports, I got a chance to stay overnight on my birthday on Nov. 21, 2009. It was quite a memorable night in room 302. With the feeling of being watched when I was alone in the room, to the extraordinary dream I had of being dragged out of bed. Needless to say, I had to sleep with the lights on.

Chryst, the owner of the Artisan believes "spirits are the heart and soul of the building." The Artisan Inn has a history of hosting guests living and non living since 1927. The inn recently refurbished their restaurant where you can catch a bite to eat and possibly experience something paranormal for yourself.

For more information on the Artisan Inn: http://www.delandartisaninn.com/

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