Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lakeside Inn

I stayed at the beautiful Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora over the summer. I was happy to add this inn to my book.
The Lakeside Inn was built in 1882 along Lake Dora. It was a retreat for fishermen and northerners. Presidents Coolidge, Eisenhower, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford have all stayed here.
The Lakeside Inn has an extensive history in entertaining and serving guests over the years. During prohibition, there was a speak easy underneath the main lobby of the inn. A spirit of a man that may have been poisoned by the bartender during the time has been seen looking out the gable building window. Other legends still linger and are told on the Mount Dora Ghost Walk, that starts at the Lakeside Inn. You will be told the heart breaking story of the chamber maid, and a little girl who disappeared on the lake.
I stayed in room 7524 in the Terrace building, which had a beautiful view of the lake. I had one paranormal occurence happen while I was sleeping. I had turned all the lights off in the room before going to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night, to the night stand lamp being turned on. I thought this was odd, since the lamp had to be turned on manually.
Early the next morning I went to the lobby of the main inn to get coffee. I smelled cigar smoke in the lobby. I thought this was odd since there was no smoking in any of the buildings. I later found out that a phantom smell of cigar smoke has been sensed from the father of the little girl that drowned in the lake.
The Lakeside Inn is one of the most hospitable inns that I have stayed in. The staff were friendly and hospitable. Everyone I talked to had a paranormal story to tell me about the inn. Owner Jim Gunderson is doing a superb job of restoring the inn. While work has been constant, so has the paranormal activity. The Lakeside Inn now hosts weddings, events, and dinner theater, bringing lots of guests to enjoy the inn.

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